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my subject-matter is an effort to mirror south african urban realities by depicting myself first as an accomplice and other individuals who exists in this time in this society. the work generally takes refuge in human condition, it's truth is arranged from my point of view. this also gives me the opportunity to manipulate the situation and present it in an extremely decontextualized arrangement. nonetheless, the models are constantly erased, broken and stripped-down bare in order to loose individual identities through a series of exaggerated renderings; figuratively and experimentally. this process allows me to realize and  discover anonymous realities that fit and play a role to the proposed order.  

  1. be completely in the mind space of the pedophile, or be the taboo.

though a relationship of the work is maintained thematically, it varies technically and stylistically to a point that a permanent fragment is embedded when one looks at the portfolio of my work in its entirety. this fragment of technique and style is caused by a need to depict an emotion rather than the physical. this can be evident in my poetry too because here; i manage to literally travel through a lot of mind spaces in order to capture intensity of the proposed subject. to be many things, the tortured victim or sometimes a pedophile who maintains an anonymous identity throughout the text. my photography stands as an experienced reality and backdrop testimony to both, my paintings and poetry.

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