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Affordable openings: Amazon Prime Video offers TV episodes for 10p

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Amazon Prime Video has made a selection of TV episodes available for just 10p to videos.

The online retailer has often used the opening episodes of TV shows to draw in viewers – when it first launches its original streaming shows, it used a pilot-driven approach to decide which programmes to commission and would make all of those available for free. While it doesn’t release TV pilots to the public anymore, it has still released episodes early or – most recently with The Wilds – released opening episodes on YouTube for a limited period.

Now, Amazon Prime Video is once again toying with opening episodes, this time for shows within its online store that offers TV shows to buy and download. A number of series can now be sampled for 10p each to help audiences choose their next box set. Several of these are Amazon originals or exclusives that are included within an Amazon Prime membership or Amazon Prime Video subscription – giving non-subscribers who don’t want to sign up to a free trial a chance to decide whether a series is for them or not. These include Preacher, Outlander, Community, The Fall, Seinfeld, Startup, Mr Robot and Fear the Walking Dead. For these shows, the very first episode can be purchased for 10p.

Other shows part of the promotion are not included with Amazon Prime and can normally be viewed on Amazon Prime Video only by purchasing individual episodes or whole box sets. For these shows, the 10p opening episodes are primarily from the first seasons, but not always: for shows such as Killjoys, you can only get the opening episode of a later season for 10p.

That narrows the appeal of the offer, depending on whether viewers are caught up with all but the latest season of a programme. Nonetheless, for anyone wary of committing to purchasing a whole box set, the offer may well provide the inspiration needed to fill up their watchlist.

Here’s the rundown of all the shows currently included in the 10p episode offer:

Shows included with Amazon Prime:

Outlander Fear the Walking Dead Unforgettable Mr. Robot Justified Startup Damages Seinfeld S.W.A.T. Preacher Future Man Community Bates Motel The Fall The Big C Lost Girl The Shield: Season 1 Helix: Season 1

Shows available to buy:

The Walking Dead: Season 10 Chicago Fire: Season 8 Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 7 Chicago Med: Season 5 Sweetbitter: Season 1 The Good Doctor: Season 1 The Inbetweeners: Season 1 L.A.’S Finest: Season 1 Chicago PD: Season 7 The Tudors: Season 1 The Blacklist: Season 1 Now Apocalypse: Season 1 Riviera: Season 1 Back To Life: Season 1 Vida: Season 1 Bewitched (1965): Season 1 The Tunnel: Season 1 Party Down: Season 1 Detectorists: Season 1 Britannia: Season 1 Cobra Kai: Season 1 Will & Grace: Season 3 The Last Kingdom: Season 4 Snatch: Season 1 Breaking Bad: Season 1 Suits: Season 9 Pan Am: Season 1 Starsky and Hutch (1975): Season 1 Undercover Billionaire: Season 1 Hart to Hart: Season 1 Masters of Sex: Season 1 The Goldbergs: Season 1 Warriors of Liberty City: Season 1 America to Me: Season 1 Ten Days in the Valley: Season 1 Diffrent Strokes: Season 1 Killjoys: Season 5 Charlie’s Angels (1976): Season 1 Our Girl: Season 1 The Larry Sanders Show: Season 1 Nurse Jackie: Season 1 Hatfields and McCoys: Season 1 Mr. Mercedes: Season 1 I Dream of Jeannie: Season 1 Warren: Season 1 The Beast: Season 1 Soap (1978): Season 1 Peep Show: Season 1 Medici: Masters of Florence: Season 1 Rescue Me: Season 1 Dr. Pimple Popper: Season 1 Better Call Saul: Season 1 Misfits: Season 1 Manhattan: Season 1 Drop Dead Diva: Season 1 Mad About You: Season 1 Shameless: Season 1 Year of the Rabbit: Season 1 Kevin Can Wait: Season 1 Franklin and Bash: Season 1 Magic City: Season 1 Timeless: Season 1 Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt For The Bone Collector: Season 1 House of Cards (2013): Season 1 Feel Good: Season 1 Party of Five: Season 1 Damned: Season 1 Dawson’s Creek: Season 1 and 2 Boss: Season 1 TJ Hooker: Season 2 The Windsors: Season 1 Mrs Wilson: Season 1 Dilbert: Season 1 and 2 Angry Birds Toons: Season 1 Last Resort: Season 1 The Blacklist: Redemption: Season 1 Charlie’s Angels (2011): Season 1 Deadbeat: Season 1 Battle Creek: Season 1 Police Woman: Season 1 Canterbury’s Law: Season 1 Necessary Roughness: Season 1 and 2 Schooled: Season 1 and 2 The Mob Doctor: Season 1 The Partridge Family (1971): Season 1 Til Death: Season 1 and 2 Hawthorne: Season 2 S.W.A.T.: Season 1 Barney Miller: Season 1 From the Store: Season 1 Barney Miller: Season 1 Rellik: Season 1 Dark Money: Season 1 Survivor’s Remorse: Season 1 The Last Tycoon: Season 1 Rake (2014): Season 1 Men At Work: Season 1 and 2 Breaking In: Season 1 and 2 Mr. Sunshine: Season 1 Powers: Season 1 Absentia: Season 1 The Cleaners: Season 1 and 2 The Player: Season 1 Swedish Dicks: Season 1 Mad Love: Season 1 Dan Vs.: Season 1 Bad Teacher: Season 1 Beautiful People: Season 1 Angry Birds Toons: Stella: Season 1 and 2 Loudermilk: Season 1 Crash: Season 1 10 Items Or Less: Season 1 Kidnapped: Season 1 NewsRadio: Season 1 and 2

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