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Amazon greenlights James Bond competition series

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It’s barely a week since Amazon officially completed its merger with MGM and it’s already greenlit its first James Bond series – although it’s not quite the kind of series you might have been expecting.

It’s understood that, despite its £8.5 billion acquisition of the studio that owns 007, Amazon has no plans to be changing the Bond franchise or ordering spin-offs featuring characters within the Bond universe. But that doesn’t mean it hasn’t got eyes on the spy: Amazon Studios has given the order to its first Bond-inspired show, a competition series called 007’s Road to a Million.

The eight-part contest will give a Bond-style spin on the race-around-the-world format. Produced by 72 Films (The Rise of the Murdoch Dynasty, All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur) and Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson, along with MGM Television, the series will see contestants go on a global adventure across a range of notable Bond film locations to win £1 million. Testing their intelligence and endurance, it will the two-person teams have to undertake physical challenges and answer hidden questions.

Variety reports that the project has been in the works at Amazon before its negotiations to acquire MGM took place.

72 Films’ Glover told the publication: “I first had this idea over three years ago. Dan Grabiner and the UK Originals team took it to a whole other level. To be working with Michael Wilson and Barbara Broccoli and the Bond franchise is a privilege and a dream come true.”

Casting is currently underway and production will begin later this year.

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