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Amazon passes on Panic Season 2

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Amazon has cancelled Panic after one season.

The young adult series, based on best-selling novel by Lauren Oliver (Before I Fall), takes viewers to a small town in America, where every year, the graduating seniors engage in a competition they believe is their one chance to escape, thanks to a cash prize of $50,000. But after the tragic events from the previous year, something doesn’t feel right. The rules of the games have changed and everyone must decide how much they are willing to risk in order to get out.

Olivia Welch stars as Heather, joined by Mike Faist as Dodge, Ray Nicholson as Ray, Camron Jones as Bishop Moore and Jessica Sula as Natalie.

The series premiered in May this year, accompanied by a three-part audiobook novella on Audible, written by Oliver and also starring Jones, Nicholson and Welch.

However, unlike Amazon’s other successful young adult series The Wilds, the online giant has decided not to pick up Panic for a second season. Amazon will next look to captivate teen audiences this October with its series based on I Know What You Did Last Summer.

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