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Apple could make a Mac from a single sheet of curved glass

Written by Isaac

Apple may build a desktop Mac computer with a chassis comprised of a single sheet of curved glass.

In a patent application that was recently made public, the company described a desktop device with a body of glass that curves down from the display to a horizontal keyboard and input area.

The patent describes the design as an electronic device that “may include a glass housing member that includes an upper portion defining a display area, a lower portion defining an input area, and a transition portion joining the upper portion and the lower portion and defining a continuous, curved surface between the upper portion and the lower portion”.

Component layout

A wedge which acts as a prop-up stand and housing for the the device’s processing components is located at the back of the curved point in the glass sheet.

This curve is designed to bend to change the viewing angle or fold the device shut in the same way as a laptop.

The bottom centre of the device has a slot in which a keyboard can be placed, while the areas on either side of the keyboard allow for touch controls.

Apple has in the past applied for several unconventional design patents which never made it into actual products, so it is likely that this concept will not be a fully-fledged device any time soon.

The picture below shows the patent design of the envisioned curved-glass Mac.

Apple Mac curved glass patent

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