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BritBox unwraps line-up of Christmas specials

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BritBox is unwrapping a sleigh-full of Chritmas specials this December, with more than 100 Christmas TV specials from years past available to stream.

A different special will be highlighted daily in the run-up to Christmas Day, although it would take five full days and nights to watch it all back-to-back.

Highlights include 16 Christmas specials from Only Fools and Horses, all four Downton Abbey Christmas specials, and festive episodes from Extras, Blackadder, The Good Life, French and Saunders, Outnumbered, Jonathan Creek, Birds of a Feather, Mock the Week, Keeping Up Appearances and many more.

BritBox’s “Very Christie Christmas” will also launch in mid-December, highlighting more than 100 episodes of Agatha Christie classics including Season 1 and 2 of the BBC’s original Miss Marple series starring Joan Hickson, all six seasons of Christie’s Miss Marple starring Geraldine McEwan and Julia McKenzie, and David Suchet’s Being Poirot documentary.

BritBox, a joint venture from the BBC and ITV, launched last month in the UK, with box sets from BBC, ITV and Channel 5 available on-demand for £5.99 per month. Channel 4 and Film 4 content will be added in 2020.

Here’s the full list of Christmas specials available:

A Bit of Fry and Laurie-Christmas-Special-1987 Absolutely Fabulous-Christmas-Special-2002 Birds of a Feather-Christmas-Special-2017 Blackadder-Christmas-Special-1988 Darling Buds of May-Christmas-Special-1991 Doc Martin-Christmas-Special-2006 Downton Abbey-Christmas-Special-2011 Downton Abbey-Christmas-Special-2012 Downton Abbey-Christmas-Special-2013 Downton Abbey-Christmas-Special-2014 Drunk History UK-Christmas-Special-2014 Extras-Christmas-Special French and Saunders-Christmas-Special-1988 French and Saunders-Christmas-Special-1994 French and Saunders-Christmas-Special-1998 French and Saunders-Christmas-Special-1999 French and Saunders-Christmas-Special-2002 French and Saunders-Christmas-Special-2003 French and Saunders-Christmas-Special-2005 Gordon, Gino and Fred: Road Trip-Christmas-Special Grantchester-Christmas-Special-2016 Harry Enfield and Chums-Christmas-Special-1997 Harry Enfield and Chums-Christmas-Special-1998 Jonathan Creek-Christmas-Special-1998 Jonathan Creek-Christmas-Special-2001 Jonathan Creek-Christmas-Special-2009 Keeping Up Appearances-Christmas-Special-1991 Keeping Up Appearances-Christmas-Special-1993 Keeping Up Appearances-Christmas-Special-1994 Keeping Up Appearances-Christmas-Special-1995 Little Britain-Christmas-Special-2006 Mock The Week-Christmas-Special-2016 My Family-Christmas-Special-2002 My Family-Christmas-Special-2003 My Family-Christmas-Special-2005 My Family-Christmas-Special-2006 My Family-Christmas-Special-2007 My Family-Christmas-Special-2008 My Family-Christmas-Special-2009 Nigel Slater’s 12 Tastes Of Christmas-Christmas-Special Nigel Slater’s Christmas Suppers-Christmas-Special Nigel Slater’s Simple Cooking-Christmas-Special Nigel Slater’s Simple Suppers: Christmas Suppers-Christmas-Special Nigella: At My Table-Christmas-Special-2017 Nigellissima: An Italian Inspired Christmas-Christmas-Special-2012 One Foot In The Grave-Christmas-Special-1991 One Foot In The Grave-Christmas-Special-1996 One Foot In The Grave-Christmas-Special-1997 Only Fools And Horses-Christmas-Special-1981 Only Fools And Horses-Christmas-Special-1982 Only Fools And Horses-Christmas-Special-1983 Only Fools And Horses-Christmas-Special-1985 Only Fools And Horses-Christmas-Special-1986 Only Fools And Horses-Christmas-Special-1987 Only Fools And Horses-Christmas-Special-1988 Only Fools And Horses-Christmas-Special-1989 Only Fools And Horses-Christmas-Special-1990 Only Fools And Horses-Christmas-Special-1991 Only Fools And Horses-Christmas-Special-1992 Only Fools And Horses-Christmas-Special-1993 Only Fools And Horses-Christmas-Special-1996 Only Fools And Horses-Christmas-Special-2001 Only Fools And Horses-Christmas-Special-2002 Only Fools And Horses-Christmas-Special-2003 Outnumbered-Christmas-Special-2009 Outnumbered-Christmas-Special-2011 Outnumbered-Christmas-Special-2012 Outnumbered-Christmas-Special-2016 Rock and Chips-Christmas-Special-2010 Still Open All Hours-Christmas-Special-2013 Still Open All Hours-Christmas-Special-2016 Still Open All Hours-Christmas-Special-2017 Still Open All Hours-Christmas-Special-2018 – from late Dec The Good Life-Christmas-Special-1977 The League Of Gentlemen-Christmas-Special-2000 The Only Way Is Essex-Christmas-Special-2010 The Only Way Is Essex-Christmas-Special-2011 The Only Way Is Essex-Christmas-Special-2012 The Only Way Is Essex-Christmas-Special-2013 The Only Way Is Essex-Christmas-Special-2014 The Only Way Is Essex-Christmas-Special-2015 The Only Way Is Essex-Christmas-Special-2016 The Only Way Is Essex-Christmas-Special-2017 The Royle Family-Christmas-Special-2000 The Royle Family-Christmas-Special-2008 The Thick of It-Christmas-Special-2006 The Two Ronnies-Christmas-Special-1973 TBC The Two Ronnies-Christmas-Special-1982 TBC The Vicar of Dibley-Christmas-Special-1996 The Vicar of Dibley-Christmas-Special-1997 The Vicar of Dibley-Christmas-Special-2004 The Vicar of Dibley-Christmas-Special-2006 Vicious-Christmas-Special-2013 Victoria Wood-Christmas-Special Victoria Wood: As Seen on TV-Christmas-Special-1987

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