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CNN's distribution-limited CNN+ video streaming service has a paltry 10 000 users after $300 million

CNN's streaming service CNN+ is apparently a failure with lacklustre uptake of the video streaming service in the United States, with reports there that CNN+ has a laughably low less than 10 000 daily users despite an investment of millions of dollars, and with insiders revealing that dramatic budget cutbacks are already coming as the aspirational plans for CNN+ are now heavily scaled back.

Shockingly, CNN+ sit with less than 10 000 daily users since CNN launched its video streaming service in America two weeks ago on 29 March, CNBC reports. This is after WarnerMedia (now Warner Bros Discovery) poured millions of dollars into creating CNN+ and signing massive talent deals, and to create new shows for the platform.

Bizarrely, CNN+ only launched in North America, isn't available on several platforms and isn't supported by Google TV/Android TV or on Samsung Smart TVs, Xbox or Playstation gaming consoles.

CNN has been very vague but said there are plans to roll CNN+ out globally. South Africans can get CNN+ but the linear TV channel CNN International (DStv 401) is available on MultiChoice's DStv satellite pay-TV service.

A CNN spokesperson in a statement said that "We continue to be happy with the launch and its progress after only two weeks."

Axios in America reported that according to insiders the budget of CNN+ is going to be cut dramatically because of the low level of adoption of the service. Warner Bros. Discovery initially planned to invest around $1 billion in CNN+ but that will no longer happen.

$300 million has already been spent on setting up CNN+ but the 10 000 daily users is far off from the 2 million subscribers CNN and Warner Bros. Discovery projected to sign up during CNN+'s first year.

As the spending on CNN+ gets cut, so will the subscriber projections.


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