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Death pool: Who will die in Game of Thrones Season 8?

Updated 06-05-19 | 07:00 AM | Staff Reporter

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Warning: This will contain spoilers for episodes that have already been broadcast.

All men must die. Not our words, but the words of the High Valyrian proverb that governs the world of George RR Martin’s fantasy epic, which returns to Sky Atlantic for its eighth season on Monday 15th April. And as the show has proven time and time again, it’s not just men on Death’s chopping block: anyone can kick the bucket.

With the final six episodes upon us, that’s truer than ever, as war and more war is on the cards. There’s war between essentially two factions fighting for the Iron Throne – Daenerys and her followers (and her dragons) versus Cersei inKing’s Landing, backed by Euron Greyjoy – and there’s war between everyone living and the White Walkers. With the Night King now sporting his own dragon, and having demolished The Wall, it’s only a matter of time until they reach Winterfell, when they’ll collide with Day, Jon Snow and the rest, as the all head north to stop them. In short, get ready to say goodbye to your favourite characters – with some, such as Tormund (on The Wall when the Night King’s dragon knocked it down), possibly already departed.

Who’s going to be bumped off in Season 8? After Season 7’s impressive body count, we decided to do the respectful thing – and hold another sweepstake predicting the next corpse to join the pile.

Episode 4 Preview:

With The Battle of Winterfell killing Beric, Theon, Jorah, Melisandre and – yes – The Night King, the question now is what battle will await the survivors of the clash with the dead. Brienne, Gendry and Grey Worm all survived, despite your predictions for Episode 3… will they be any safer with only Cersei to worry about?

How do you know who to put your (imaginary) money on? Below, we’ve rounded up the usual suspects and favourite faces from Game of Thrones’ first seven seasons and calculated the odds of them dying before the final episode is out. (With the odds heavily steeped in favour of death.)

We’ll be keeping this list updated as the season progresses, to cross off those who don’t make it – and to account for Jorah’s next inevitably terrible decision.

Valar Morghulis, baby. All’s fair in winter and war.

Warning: A reminder that the below will contain spoilers for Seasons 1 to 7.

Dead People Walking With Thoros frozen to death, Beric can’t come back to life anymore…He survived Winterfell, but now’s the perfect time for a shock depature.His exposition’s done, so what purpose does he serve now, other than to be bumped off? Sam’s exposition work is done too, and he’s better with walkers than he is at political battles.Bronn’s been in the line of fire one too many times to keep it up.With Sansa and Arya both alive after Winterfel, expect a showdown with Jaime or Cersei soon.Sharing plans for the future after the war? That’s a death sentence in our books.

Danger Zone Euron is asking for it, and with Theon gone, it’s time he went too.Yara is far enough out of the way for now to avoid a shock departure.Theon is guarding Bran in the battle – what could possible go wrong?He’s no longer Greyscaled, but Dany’s side will have to take non-dragon casualties soon. Varys has brought the key players together – is his work now done?She will make one more return to die – will it be for the Winterfell battle?Because being a mad scientist for the villain always works out really well.Arya is unbeatable, but she’s also not one to stay out of danger. She’s safe at Winterfell, but Jon and Dany are coming…He survived Winterfell, but Davos would be a perfect tragic early casualty.With Jon a Targaryen, Gendry’s role as heir to the throne just got a lot less important.With Brienne still alive and out of Cersei’s protection, is Jaime about to make a sacrifice play?

Safe… for now? Still Dany’s Hand, Tyrion still has a part to play.Refusing to go to Winterfell, the Queen is safe for now in Kings Landing.Now armed with a dragon and now past The Wall, he’s only getting started. The Mother of Dragons isn’t about to go anywhere anytime soon.Officially a Targaryen, the rightful heir will sure be there till the end – unless he sacrifices himself for Dany.


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