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Europe wants to ban the iPhone’s Lightning port

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The European Parliament wants to force smartphone manufacturers to use a common charging technology across all devices, TechRadar reports.

This would see Apple’s proprietary Lightning port no longer being allowed on devices sold in the EU, with all smartphones switching to USB-C instead.

The proposed regulation is focused on reducing the amount of electronic waste, as old chargers are believed to comprise 51,000 tons of waste each year.

Apple’s dilemma

USB-C is found on almost all new Android smartphones, but Apple still uses its own proprietary Lightning connector.

Apple has previously contended that enforcing a standard charger type across all smartphones would be bad for innovation in the industry.

“Apple stands for innovation. Regulations that would drive conformity across the type of connector built into all smartphones freeze innovation rather than encourage it,” Apple said.

“Such proposals are bad for the environment and unnecessarily disruptive for customers.”

Lightning is dying

Despite its protestations, Apple has already shown an intent to move away from its Lightning charging technology.

It has already implemented USB-C in some of its new non-smartphone devices – including its iPad and MacBook products.

Rumours have also indicated that Apple may be removing charging ports from its future iPhones completely, instead offering wireless charging as the exclusive charging option.

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