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Ewan McGregor in talks for Disney+ Kenobi series

Staff Reporter

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Ewan McGregor’s Obi-Wan Kenobi may soon be back on our screens in his very own TV series.

The Trainspotting star, who first picked up his lightsaber 20 years ago, played the younger version of the Jedi master in all three of George Lucas’ Star Wars prequels: The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. While the Star Wars universe is off exploring new corners and characters, with two fresh trilogies in the pipeline, there’s been speculation for some time about McGregor’s possible reprisal of the role in a Star Wars Story prequel along the lines of Solo.

Now, that possibility has grown into a series instead, fitting in with Lucasfilm owner Disney’s new strategy for its upcoming subscription streaming service, Disney+. Deadline has confirmed that the 48-year-old Scot is in talks with the House of Mouse over a Disney+ project. There is no word on what the series might cover or when it might take place, but it would fit in neatly alongside Disney+’s other Star Wars plans, including Jon Favreau’s The Mandalorian, which was born out of the idea of a Boba Fett film, and the Rogue One prequel series following Cassian Andor.

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