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Facebook launches new privacy features for third-party apps

Written by Belinda

Facebook has announced a new feature which alerts users when their login details are used to access third-party apps.

Instead of creating a new profile for a specific app or service, users are often able to log in by using their Facebook account.

To do this, they are required to share certain personal information from their Facebook profile with the app in question.

Over time, the list of apps which have access to those details can become extensive.

Facebook said the design and content of its new privacy notifications are intended to remind users that they have complete control over which information is shared with these apps.

How it works

Users will receive notifications when a first-time login to a third-party app occurs, or when a Facebook login is re-used to log in to an app.

The notification will include a message about the time of the login and all of the information that has been shared with the app or service.

An “Edit Settings” button will be available to allow users to change which details they share with apps.

The image below shows an example of one of these notifications.

Facebook app notification feature

Facebook’s privacy woes

Facebook added that it would take active steps to improve information privacy in its products.

“We will continue to test additional user control features in early 2020, including bringing permissions to the forefront of the user experience when logging into a 3rd party app with Facebook Login,” the company stated.

Facebook has previously come under fire for its approach to user privacy, particularly after the Cambridge Analytica leak.

The US Government has also put pressure on the platform to allow law enforcement agencies access to users’ information and messages after the company announced it would be pushing for encryption across all its services, which include WhatsApp and Instagram.

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