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First look: Better Call Saul Season 6

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Better Call Saul will officially return to UK TV screens this April, with Season 6 bidding farewell to Jimmy McGill once and for all.

The sixth and final season of the Breaking Bad prequel concludes the complicated journey and transformation of its compromised hero, Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk), into criminal lawyer Saul Goodman. From the cartel to the courthouse, from Albuquerque to Omaha, Season 6 tracks Jimmy, Saul and Gene as well as Jimmy’s complex relationship with Kim (Rhea Seehorn), who is in the midst of her own existential crisis. Meanwhile, Mike (Jonathan Banks), Gus (Giancarlo Esposito), Nacho (Michael Mando) and Lalo (Tony Dalton) are locked into a game of cat and mouse with mortal stakes.

“In my eyes, this is our most ambitious, surprising season,” Showrunner and Executive Producer Peter Gould said in a statement. “Even under incredibly challenging circumstances, the whole Saul team – writers, cast, producers, directors and crew – have outdone themselves. I couldn’t be more excited to share what we’ve accomplished together.”

Added Dan McDermott, president of entertainment and AMC Studios for AMC Networks: “Vince [Gilligan] , Peter and Bob took the question, ‘Why would you ever try to follow one of the most celebrated and beloved shows in television history with a sequel’ and they answered it on every possible level, with truly extraordinary results. Saul Goodman has been a central character on AMC for more than a decade, and he really livens up the place. Profound appreciation and respect for Vince, Peter, Bob, Rhea, Jonathan, Giancarlo, Patrick, Michael and everyone else responsible for this remarkable series, which has earned its place alongside Breaking Bad in the hearts and minds of millions of fans and in the pantheon of great television. As we approach these final episodes, it truly is S’all good, man.”

Season 6 will premiere on Netflix UK on 19th April, within 24 hours of its US premiere on AMC. The 13-episode season will premiere with a double-bill of the first two episodes, followed by five episodes arriving weekly. Then, after a short break, the final run of six episodes will begin on 12th July.

Here’s your first look at Season 6:

Better Call Saul renewed for sixth and final season

17th January 2020

Better Call Saul will end with Season 6, AMC has announced, with the Breaking Bad prequel renewed one last time.

Speaking at the TCA winter press tour, AMC and Sony announced the renewal, with a bumper final chapter of 13 episodes. The question, of course, is how close the series will come to Breaking Bad, and that’s top of mind for showrunner and executive producer Peter Gould.

“From day one of Better Call Saul my dream was to tell the complete story of our complicated and compromised hero, Jimmy McGill,” Gould said in a statement. “We couldn’t be more grateful to the fans and critics who are making this journey possible. Next month we start work on the sixth and final season – we’re going to do our damnedest to stick the landing.”

“Greenlighting a prequel to one of the most iconic series in television history is one of the boldest swings that AMC has ever taken,” Sarah Barnett, President of AMC Networks’ Entertainment Group and AMC Studios, added in a statement. “But, thanks to the creative genius of Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, it has also been one of the most rewarding.”

The announcement of the final season comes just ahead of the premiere of Season 5 on Monday 24th February, within 24 hours of its US debut, and a second episode expected to follow on the Tuesday.

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