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First look: Jared Leto’s Joker in Justice League Snyder Cut

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It is now a matter of weeks until the Justice League Snyder Cut is unleashed upon the world, and new images give us a first look at Jared Leto’s Joker, returning for the one-off extended cut.

The original film, which was released in 2017, saw Bruce Wayne enlist the help of his newfound ally, Diana Prince, to face an even greater enemy. Together, Batman and Wonder Woman worked quickly to find and recruit a team of metahumans to stand against the threat – including Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash. That film was completed by Joss Whedon, after Snyder stepped down from the helm due to a family tragedy.

Now, Warner Bros is readying to release Snyder’s extended four-hour cut, extra scenes featuring Ben Affleck, Amy Adams, Jeremy Irons, Diane Lane, Cyborg and Hippolyta, plus Jared Leto reprising his role as The Joker.

The latter’s appearance was some surprise when it was first announced, with Snyder deciding in retrospect that he wanted to add in Leto’s take on the Crown Prince of Crime, who he played in Suicide Squad.

“The Joker is really the only thing that I thought of in retrospect,” Snyder told Vanity Fair, which debuted two new images today of the Joker. “But I will say that it was always my intention to bring Joker into that world.”

The images present the Joker in a new light, with the face tattoos and crime lord chic replaced by a hospital gown and surgical mask. As for the nature of the scene in which he appears, Snyder explained: “It’s Joker analyzing Batman about who he is and what he is. That’s the thing I also felt like fans deserved from the DC Universe. That is to say, the Jared Leto Joker and the Ben Affleck Batman, they never really got together. It seemed uncool to me that we would make it all the way through this incarnation of Batman and Joker without seeing them come together.”

What has happened to cause a dramatic change in the Joker’s appearance since Suicide Squad? “I would say that there’s been some water under the bridge. Who knows what’s happened,” Snyder teased. “I don’t know if he’s wearing makeup, I don’t know what’s happening. It’s hard to say exactly.”

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