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ITV Hub hits 30 million users

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ITV Hub now has more than 30 million registered users.

The broadcaster’s catch-up service has increased from 21m registered users in October 2017 and 26m this time last year to reach over 30m users, well ahead of ITV’s previously announced target of hitting that figure in 2021. ITV announced as part of its new strategy in July 2018 that its goal was to increase registered users from 25m to 30m over the next three years.

ITV’s programming has seen users increase with this summer’s Love Island Season 5 helping to attract an additional 3.2m registered users during June 2019.

Live streaming has also been popular, with 20m simulcast requests so far for the Rugby World Cup. The England v Australia match at the weekend received 1.5m simulcast requests – the highest number during this year’s tournament.

The Hub is also available to viewers more easily than before, across 28 different platforms, with connected TV now the most used.

Steve Forde, Director of Digital Products, says: “The Hub is a key part of our ‘More than TV’ strategy and it’s a testament to our investment in technology and programming that we’ve hit our target registered users so far in advance. The attraction for viewers of being able to watch the most talked about programmes, including Love Island, the Rugby World Cup, dramas such as Deep Water, A Confession and the soaps, whenever, wherever and however they want is clear.”

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