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Jed Mercurio’s Bodies back on BBC iPlayer as BBC Three box set

Updated 08-04-19 | 8:00 AM | Staff Reporter

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Line of Duty and Bodyguard fans needing their next adrenaline fix have just been prescribed exactly what the doctor ordered, with the whole of Jed Mercurio’s Bodies now back on BBC iPlayer.

Both seasons and the finale of the medical drama have been released as a boxset on BBC Three, giving viewers a chance to go back to the first novel from Mercurio, which made its TV debut on BBC Three in 2004.

The series stars Max Beesley (Hotel Babylon; Suits) as Rob Lake, a junior doctor working under established obstetrician Roger Hurley, played by Patrick Baladi (The Office). It follows the dark relationship between the two, as Lake begins to unearth the negligent practice of his boss.

Mercurio says: “Bodies remains the drama I’m most proud of. Based on my first novel, it was an extraordinary challenge to produce, as we set ourselves the goal of making the medical sequences as realistic as possible in an era before visual effects had achieved today’s technical prowess, and we pulled no punches in portraying the murky realities of medical negligence and NHS politics that was groundbreaking then and sadly remains relevant to scandals that have continued into the present day.”

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