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Locked Up Season 3 arrives on UK TV this May

Updated 10-05-19 | 08:00 AM | Staff Reporter

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Locked Up Season 3 finally has an official UK release date, with the Spanish prison drama returning to our screens this May.

The series has kept viewers chained to their TVs across Europe through its violent first two seasons, which have broken viewing records domestically and internationally, and received wide critical acclaim.

Season 3 picks up as Macarena and her peers are transported to a new prison. That brings new characters and challenges to content with – at Cruz del Norte, Akame and her mafia gang rule the roost. Could new enemies force Macarena and her nemesis, Zulema, to bury the hatchet? And how much can that friendship be trusted? Despite new surroundings and a change of heart, some things remain the same: they continue to live at the mercy of guards and among inmates who are two-faced and best and murderous at worst. In this world, no action comes without a grisly consequence and every favour must be repaid. Season premieres at 11pm on Channel 4 on Sunday 19th May, with all episodes then available as a box set on All 4’s Walter Presents to stream and download for free.

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