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Locked Up spin-off series on the way

Updated 29-05-19 | 5:30 AM | Staff Reporter

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Locked Up will have its own spin-off series, Fox has announced.

The Spanish prison drama (aka. Vis a Vis in Spain) was created Iván Escobar, Esther Martínez Lobato, Álex Pina and Daniel Écija and follows Macarena Ferreiro (Maggie Civantos), a young woman who finds herself the wrong side of her mobster boyfriend and winds up in a high-security women’s prison. There, she finds herself on the trail of a stash of €9 million, buried by an inmate who has been bumped off – but that puts her in direct conflict with Zulema (Najwa Nimri), the resident prison big-wig.

The show swiftly returns for a second season, with All 4’s Walter Presents releasing each of them in the UK. When it was cancelled by its original broadcaster, Antena 3, it was revived by Fox for a third season, with a shorter number of episodes, and a fourth and final run that aired at the end of last year.

The revival proved a huge hit in Spain, with Fox enjoying more than 300,000 viewers in its fourth season, expanding to half a million when on-demand viewing is taken into account – a format chosen by 6 out of 10 of its viewers. As a result, Locked Up was one of the most watched fictional dramas on pay-TV in Spain.

As Season 3 arrives on Walter Presents this spring, paving the way for its eventual end, Fox Networks Group Spain has announced that we don’t have to bid farewell just yet, with a new spin-off on the way.

Set within the universe of Locked Up, it will follow the adventures of Civantos and Nimri as Maca and Zulema.

Produced again by Globomedia, Locked Up: The Oasis will give a final destination to its two protagonists, with eight episodes and a closed ending. Iván Escobar will return as the main scriptwriter and showrunner, and other familiar faces from the series will also appear, even though it is not clear yet when the programme will take place or how it will fit in with the show’s main plot.

“We are happy to be able to break the news, which we know is highly anticipated by all the fans of the series, as well as returning to work with the Globomedia team (TheMediapro Studio) and Iván Escobar, who have been undoubtedly the best allies in this adventure,” says Daniel Pérez, VP and General Director of FOX Networks Group Spain.

“The story, the two main protagonist, and the millions of followers of the series deserved this,” comments Javier Pons, head of TV at The Mediapro Studio.

Season 1 to 3 of Locked Up are available to watch and download as a box set on All 4’s Walter Presents. Season 4 will air at a later date yet to be confirmed, while The Oasis will debut in Spain in 2020, so you can expect it on our screens soon after.

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