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Love, Death + Robots: Netflix experiments with episode orders

Updated 22-03-19 | Staff Reporter

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Netflix is experimenting with showing episodes in different orders for its new animated series, Love, Death + Robots.

The anthology of short films is presented by Fight Club helmer David Fincher and Deadpool director Tim Miller and comprises 18 tales of love, heartbreak and lots of inter-dimensional fornication. Together, they cover everything from sentient dairy products, werewolf soldiers, robots gone wild, garbage monsters, cyborg bounty hunters, alien spiders and blood-thirsty demons from hell.

The order in which you see each of these, however, is not guaranteed. Netflix has long tinkered with tailoring content to each individual subscriber, not only in terms of what films or TV shows are featured on a user’s homepage but also the actual artwork used to present each title – right down to whether a main character or supporting character is featured on the thumbnail poster. Now, it’s taking that algorithmic personalisation even further, by changing up the order in which people watch Love, Death + Robots.

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