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Netflix confirms Stranger Things will return for Season 4

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It’s official: Stranger Things will return for Season 4.

Netflix’s sci-fi horror smash hit, which follows the threat of creatures from the Upside Down in the small town of Hawkins, Indiana, is one of the streaming giant’s biggest shows, thanks to its combination of an entertaining young ensemble, creepy CGI and nostalgic adventure vibes.

Season 3 broke records, with 40.7 million household accounts watching Season 3 in its opening four days, more than any other Netflix film or original series to date.

“A masterclass in mixing light and dark, Stranger Things’ third season sees the show hit its stride,”.

Season 3 marked a more dramatic turn for the show, as the teens grew up and developed romantic connections, and as Sheriff Hopper turned dark in his attempts to parent Eleven and woo Joyce. The end of the season left his fate in doubt, with the tease of him potentially languishing in a Russian jail cell, and if that spelled an increasingly ambitious direction for the show, Season 4’s first teaser confirms it: we’re not in Hawkins anymore, declares the video, which doesn’t feature any characters or monsters but does make it clear that the series is looking to explore the Upside Down further. When Season 4 will air is anyone’s guess, but bigger things seem certain to come. Here’s the cryptic teaser announcing the show’s renewal:

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