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Netflix falls for Korea’s My First First Love

Updated 11-03-12 | 18:12 PM | Staff Reporter

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Netflix continues to fall harder and harder for South Korea, with a new K-romance set to join the streamer’s ever-growing wealth of Korean drama, horror and comedy.

My First First Love, a Korean romcom, will arrive on Netflix this spring. The original series is a story of unexpected love and personal growth, depicted through relationships formed by five young adults who find their “first-time” adulthood rather difficult and emotionally challenging.

Jisoo, who starred in Strong Girl Bong-soon, plays the leading male character, Yun Tae-o, alongside Jung Chae-yeon, who plays Han Song-i, Tea-O’s friend of 20 years. Jung made her debut in Drinking Solo. Creating a complicated love triangle with them is Seo Do-hyeon, played by Jinyoung (Love in the Moonlight). Do-hyeon is not only Tae-o’s best friend but also becomes Song-i’s boyfriend.

Choi Ri, who starred in Spirits’ Homecoming (2015), and Kang Tae-oh, known for his recent film Fengshui (2018), join them as O Ga-rin and Choi Hun, respectively, who both end up living at Tae-o’s house, which only dials up the tension.

My First First Love is directed by Oh Jin-seok of Yong-pal and My Sassy Girl, and written by Kim Ran, with Jung Hyun-jung, whose popular works include Five Enough and Discovery of Love.

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