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Netflix rolls out daily showcase of 10 most popular titles

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Netflix is rolling out a daily list of the most popular titles on Netflix to show what other people are watching.

The streaming giant has increasingly been dropping viewing statistics in recent months, as it looks to position itself as a dominant global player in the entertainment world as new competition comes from Disney and others. The Witcher, for example, was announced last month as being on track to be its biggest original TV series to date, with a tweaked tracking method recording 76 million accounts viewing the title for at least 2 minutes within the first four weeks after its release.

In recent months, Netflix has also been testing a most popular list in the UK and Mexico to see if it helps with user engagement. Now, the streamer is officially launching and expanding that feature.

In addition to an overall list of the 10 most popular titles, users can now see the 10 most popular series and the 10 most popular films while browsing. This new row – complete with its own design – will enable users to see what is most popular on Netflix in your country at that time. It will be updated every day and the position of the row will vary depending on how relevant the shows and films are to each user.

Shows and films that make these lists will also have a special “Top 10” badge, wherever they appear on Netflix. That way users can easily see what’s in the zeitgeist, whether you’re scrolling by genre or through their personal list – or when searching for specific shows or films.

“We’re constantly looking for ways to make Netflix better. It’s why we’ve been experimenting with top 10 lists in Mexico and the UK for the last six plus months. Members in both countries have found them useful, so we are now rolling them out to even more,” says Cameron Johnson, Product Innovation.

“When you watch a great movie or TV show, you share it with family and friends, or talk about it at work, so other people can enjoy it too. We hope these top 10 lists will help create more of these shared moments, while also helping all of us find something to watch more quickly and easily.”

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