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New chassis for Ricciardo’s Renault in Bahrain

Updated 28-03-19 | 15:20 PM | Sport Writer

Daniel Ricciardo will be using a new Renault chassis for his second race with the team at this weekend’s Bahrain Grand Prix.

The Australian, who moved to Renault from Red Bull at the end of last year, was forced to retire after only 28 laps of his home season-opening race in Melbourne two weeks ago after damaging is car on the opening lap.

“After Melbourne, I was of course disappointed that the weekend didn’t go well but part of me was relieved that it was over,” he said. “I was more disappointed for the fans. I do it for me first and foremost, but I saw so many Renault T-shirts and hats…

“First of all, I was bummed for myself. Once it was settled, I was happy that it was over in a way, but I was like I feel for them. Whether I finished 12th or eighth or whatever, at least I was in the race and in some battles.

“I can get over it pretty quickly, knowing that it is so early in the season for me and also for the team, for our morale. I’m not coming here to Bahrain with my head still down from Melbourne. That is not healthy, not good for anyone.”

He confirmed he was to have a new chassis this weekend.

“I guess it was from the impact at the start… They don’t know 100 per cent if that was it, that is the assumption. So, to play it safe, we are changing chassis.”


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