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Pants on Fire: E4 orders new comedy gameshow

Updated 15-06-19 | 12:11 PM | Staff Reporter

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A brand-new entertainment series for E4 will put teams of bluffers to the test. Pants on Fire will see new and emerging faces from the world of comedy go head-to-head in a bluffing gameshow.

In each episode, three teams of fearless comics will plot their own crazy and outrageous challenges. They could come up with anything from swimming with sharks to winning a pro-wrestling battle royale. Then in front of a studio audience and a celebrity jury, plus host Emma Willis, they will present evidence to help prove that they have completed their audacious stunts. The celeb panel will interrogate the teams to figure out if they are telling the truth or telling fibs. Will they have authentically pulled off these improbable stunts, or have they just been pulling a fast one?

Pants on Fire (a working title) is a Fulwell 73 production with Executive Producers Gabe Turner, Andy Price and Leo Pearlman, Series Producer Sarah Pack and Series Director Toby Baker. The nine-part series has been ordered for E4 by Steven Handley, Commissioning Editor, Entertainment and Karl Warner, Controller of E4.

Karl Warner, Controller of E4 says Pants on Fire is “the first of a new comedy-entertainment push” for E4.

“We’re lucky to have Emma hosting and it’s a great example of how we plan to combine well known talent with up and coming stars,” he adds.

Steven Handley, Commissioning Editor for Entertainment adds: “Pants on Fire promises to be the most provocative bluffing game ever on British TV. Not only has it got gripping play along, but we can break some brilliant new faces – hopefully not literally! Ringmaster to it all will be the amazing Emma Willis, who I can’t wait to see take control of the madness! Let the games begin!”

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