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Revealed: Netflix’s 10 most-watched original films

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Extraction has topped the list of Netflix’s most-watched original films.

The streaming giant has become increasingly open about its viewing figures in recent months, as it positions itself as a global force to be reckoned with in the face of growing streaming competition.

Of course, those figures are worth taking with a large pinch of salt. Where before, the streaming giant classed a “view” as someone watching 70 per cent of a movie or a single episode of a show. Now, it’s changed its measurements that it says is more accurate. Now, Netflix will count the number of times that an account chooses to watch a title for “at least 2 minutes”, which it deems as “long enough to indicate the choice was intentional”, as opposed to an accidental click.

By that measure, Extraction racked up 99 million views in the first four weeks after its release, just ahead of Bird Box’s 89 million. Netflix revealed the figures to Bloomberg and, interestingly, the films are led by action movies or thrillers, although comedies such as Murder Mystery also proved popular, as did awards contender The Irishman.

All 10 films were released in the past three years, as Netflix’s continually growing audience means each film will debut to a larger base of subscribers.

Here‘s the full list:

Extraction 99M Bird Box 89M Spenser Confidential 85M 6 Underground 83M Murder Mystery 73M The Irishman 64M Triple Frontier 63M The Wrong Missy 59M The Platform 56M The Perfect Date 48M

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