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The Discovery Channel announces a raft of new shows ‘going back to our roots’ with progr

updated 09-04-19 | 19 :28 PM | Staff Reporter

The Discovery Channel has announced a slate of new programming highlights, saying the channel is “going back to our roots to what our audiences crave – jaw-dropping, never-seen-before images of what makes our world so special”. “We are going back to our roots to what our audiences crave – jaw-dropping, never-seen-before images of what makes our world so special,” says Nancy Daniels, chief brand officer for Discovery & factual. “Discovery is at its best when unlocking secrets and potentially rewriting history.” In Wildlife Warriors, Ellen DeGeneres as presenter will shed light on the people who are working to save wildlife. “More than 27 000 species are threatened with extinction. Some are well-known animals, some aren’t, but all are important to our ecosystem,” says Ellen DeGeneres. Perfect Planet takes a completely fresh look at life on Planet Earth. Using state of the art satellite imagery, this 5-episode series will showcase how the forces of nature – weather, ocean, currents, volcanoes and sunlight – shape the incredible variety of life on Earth. In doing so, it will reveal how animals are perfectly adapted to whatever the environment throws at them. Alastair Fothergill, executive producer of Perfect Planet says “We all know that Planet Earth is a unique place. It is the right size, orbiting the right distance from the right kind of star, it spins at the right speed, it tilts at just the right angle and it has a single, decent sized moon. By sheer luck, it is the only planet right now which has the perfect conditions for life”. Mysterious Planet is an epic journey to the ends of the earth to unlock the greatest mysteries behind the world’s most incredible species. The series, produced by NHNZ productions for Discovery Channel, will take viewers to 5 extraordinary places highlighting the many charismatic creatures in each location. From the lush forests of Indonesia to the arid Andean deserts, from the Caribbean to the highlands of Ethiopia, each episode embarks on an adventure through time and space to reveal how the beautiful spot came to be and why certain wildlife exist only in these remarkable places on our planet. Andrew Murray, series producer of Mysterious Planet, says “Solving nature’s mysteries take us on some amazing journeys. In this series, we don’t only go to some of the most spectacular places, we see those landscapes change over millions of years and we see how life is shaped by those great changes”.

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