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The next Elite? Netflix drops trailer for Control Z

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Netflix is dipping back into high school drama for its new original series, Control Z.

The Mexican teen series, created by Carlos Quintanilla, follows the aftermath of a hacker releasing students’ most intimate secrets to the whole school. With the social order at El Colegio Nacional turned upside down, popular kids become bullied, outcasts gain status, and everyone is a suspect.

Sofia, a social recluse and know-it-all with a penchant for deduction, must race against the clock to catch the hacker before he releases more secrets. Along the way, she will learn to make friends, have empathy for others, and she might even fall in love.

Control Z arrives hot on the heels of the success of Netflix’s other Spanish-language high school thriller, Elite. With a fourth and fifth season of Elite already in the works, will Netflix’s new kid in class prove another hit? Find out when Control Z premieres on Friday 22nd May.

Here’s the trailer:

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