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Trailer: Bulletproof returns for Season 2 this March

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A bromance made in heaven. Noel Clarke + Ashley Walters reunite as Detectives Bishop and Pike in Bulletproof Season 2, and a new trailer gives us a first look at their return.

The cop-buddy duo‘s combination of edge-of-your-seat pursuits and brotherly banter was enough to make Season 1 a hit: the first episode had a cumulative average audience of 1.59 million viewers back in May 2018, the biggest Sky One audience of the year at the time.

Sky swiftly ordered a second season. It sees Bishop and Pike go undercover to infiltrate an international crime empire. Their chase for justice will take them from the streets of London to Amsterdam and Cyprus, where they will have to risk everything, including their police badges, to succeed.

All episodes of Season 2 will be available on 20th March, when the first episode premieres on Sky One. Here’s the trailer:

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