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Trailer: Liza on Demand returns for Season 2 this September

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Liza on Demand returns to YouTube this September, and a new trailer gives us our first look at Season 2.

With more than 37 million views on the first episode of Season 1, the comedy from creator Liza Koshy is one of YouTube Premium’s most successful original series.

“This smartly written, sharply performed comedy about making a modern living is simply very, very funny,”.

Now, Koshy is back alongside Kimiko Glenn and Travis Coles for Season 2, which brings even more misadventures with Liza (Koshy) and her roommates Harlow (Glenn) and Oliver (Coles), as they navigate trends, friends, and making ends meet. From going off the grid to competitive decluttering, from getting lost in obsessive photo editing to putting on a musical about gentrification, Liza, Harlow and Oliver dive humorously headlong into issues such as body image and racism.

Whether it’s lowering their dating standards to basement level or taking on bar trivia night as “Threeyoncé”, the diverse group of friends navigates the often confusing but always entertaining journey of being young, single, and clinging to your optimism for dear life.

The series is produced by Above Average, a digital-first entertainment company founded in 2012 by Lorne Michaels’ Broadway Video. Liza Koshy, Deborah Kaplan (Can’t Hardly Wait) Harry Elfont (Can’t Hardly Wait, Josie & The Pussycats and Mary + Jane) and Courtney Carter serve as executive producers on the series, with Sam Childs serving as producer.

Fans without YouTube Premium, which costs £11.99 a month, can now binge watch the entire first season on YouTube now for free (with ads), as part of the video giant’s new strategy, and watch new episodes of Season 2 for free as they premiere each week. Premium members, meanwhile, will have ad-free access to all Season 2 episodes at once from 25th September.

Here’s the trailer:

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