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Trailer: MUBI to release Romantic Comedy this May

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MUBI will exclusively release new documentary Romantic Comedy this May.

The film, which had its premiere at the 2019 International Film Festival Rotterdam, is the feature directorial debut of Elizabeth Sankey of the band Summer Camp. It goes beneath the surface of everyone’s favourite rom-coms, seeking to better understand the way we view love, relationships and romance.

From It Happened One Night to Runaway Bride, from clumsy meet cutes to rain-soaked declarations of love, these films can be just as problematic as they are comforting. Frequently dismissed as a guilty pleasure, the video essay – helped by a diverse chorus of critics, actors and filmmakers, – aims to bring a fresh critical eye to the genre. With original songs by Summer Camp, Sankey, who was also composer for the video essay Beyond Clueless, which sought to do something similar for high-school movies, embarks on a journey of investigation and self-discovery.

The film will premiere on MUBI on 7th May. Here’s the trailer:

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