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Watch: Netflix drops teaser for new anime Leviusk

Updated 26-03-19 | 8:32 AM | Staff Reporter

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Netflix is getting into the robot boxing game with new anime Levius.

The series, based on the manga of the same name by Haruhisa Nakata, takes us into a future where devices are powered by steam, war is being waged and people are looking for entertainment. With technology fusing bodies and machinery together, humanity conjures up a new sport: cyborg boxing.

Levius is a young man who loses his arm in the war, as well as his parents. Getting into the boxing arena is his way to find strength to go on, and, with a high-tech prosthetic arm, he discovers he has what it takes to become a leader in the sport. Drawn into the fights, his talents will be what determine his future, as he punches his way to his destiny.

The manga was published back in 2012, running in serialised form until 2014. Now, this winter, it will head to the screen, courtesy of Netflix’s growing push into anime. Levius joins a string of projects in the works, from spin-off series Altered Carbon to new original 7Seeds, not to mention the cult classic Neon Genesis Evangelion, which Netflix recently acquired. The streaming giant has also recently expanded its deals with a number of Japanese studios to produce animated projects for its service.

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