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What’s coming soon to Netflix in December 2021?

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Netflix has saved some of the best until last this year, with a December that’s packed with big treats to unwrap. On the film side, there’s a quadruple-bill of awards contenders in The Power of the Dog, The Hand of God, Don’t Look Up and The Lost Daughter. On the TV side, there’s David Fincher documentary Voir, the return of Cobra Kai, Money Heist, The Witcher and Lost in Space (and Emily in Paris). And, just in time for Christmas, there’s the bonus of Tokyo Godfathers to stream.

Here’s what’s coming soon to Netflix UK in December 2021:

Lost in Space: Season 3 – 1st December

The third and final season sees the stakes higher than ever, as the Robinson family’s survival instincts will be put to the ultimate test. After a year of being trapped on a mysterious planet, Judy, Penny, Will and the Robot must lead the 97 young Colonists in a harrowing evacuation – but not before secrets are unearthed that will change their lives forever. Meanwhile John and Maureen – with Don at their side – must battle overwhelming odds as they try to reunite with their kids. The Robinsons will have to grapple with the emotional challenge of not just being lost – but being separated from the ones they love… as they face the greatest alien threat yet.

The Power of the Dog – 1st December

A triumphant return to feature filmmaking for Jane Campion, this is a brooding gothic Western that simmers with slow-burn menace.

Green Snake – 1st December

While trying to free her sister from Fahai’s clutches, Xio Qing winds up in a dystopian city and meets a mysterious man who can’t recall his past life.

This Way Up: Season 1 – 1st December

Aisling Bea shines in this funny, thoughtful, complex and charming tale of a woman rebuilding her life.

Tokyo Godfathers – 1st December

This quasi-remake of John Ford’s 3 Godfathers from the legendary director Satoshi Kon is the anime Christmas film you never knew you needed.

Constantine – 1st December

Keanu Reeves delivers a distinctive, dark turn in this bold, underrated comic book adaptation.

I Am Belmaya – 1st December

This portrait of a filmmaker taking the camera into her own hands is an inspiring watch.

Archer: Season 12 – 1st December

The action-packed adult animation returns for its 12th instalment.

Single All the Way – 2nd December

Michael Urie, Philemon Chambers and Luke Macfarlane star in this holiday rom-com with Jennifer Coolidge and Kathy Najimy.

The Whole Truth – 2nd December

Trying to earn an acquittal for a teen client accused of murdering his wealthy father, a defense attorney uncovers disturbing facts about the victim.

The Coyotes: Season 1 – 2nd December

A close group of summer campers finds diamonds in the woods, setting off a wild ordeal that tests their friendship.

Money Heist: Season 5, Part 2 – 3rd December

The hit Spanish heist thriller returns for the second and final part of its final season.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters – 3rd December

This majestically directed monster movie sequel is stuffed with awe-inspiring spectacle.

Cobalt Blue – 3rd December

When an aspiring author and his free-spirited sister both fall for the enigmatic paying guest at their home, ensuing events rock their traditional family.

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous: Season 4 – 3rd December

It’s time to return to the prehistoric universe of Netflix’s entertainingly perilous family animation.

Voir: Season 1 – 6th December

From executive producer David Fincher and directed by The Empty Man helmer David Prior, Taylor Ramos and Tony Zhou, the series is a collection of visual essays. Contributing are also film critic Drew McWeeny, Walter Chaw and Sasha Stone, with each of them focusing on the personal connections they have to the stories we see on the big screen. From intimate personal histories to insights on character and craft, each episode reminds us why cinema holds a special place in our lives.

Centaurworld: Season 2 – 7th December

On a quest to reunite with her trusty rider, a fearless war horse journeys through a whimsical world filled with magic, adventure and singing centaurs.

Titans: Season 3 – 8th December

DC’s teen superhero series returns for a third chapter.

How to Ruin Christmas: Season 2 – 10th December

Looking forward to a quiet Christmas this time around, family rebel and black sheep, Tumi Sello’s plans get ruined, and so does Christmas, when a death affecting the Sello and Twala families sees her guilt-tripped into helping with the planning of a Christmas funeral. When the funeral planning goes pear- shaped, all judgmental eyes fall on Tumi, and once again, she has to spend the next couple days trying to clear hers and the Sello name by saving a Christmas funeral from absolute disaster.

Saturday Morning All Star Hits! Season 1 – 10th December

Saturday Morning All Star Hits! is an adult animated and live action hybrid series celebrating all that is 80s and 90s television. Wildly irreverent and slightly disturbing, twin hosts Skip and Treybor (Kyle Mooney) take us on a trip through the Saturday Morning cartoon experience.

The Unforgiveable – 10th December

Based on the three-part British series Unforgiven, it follows Ruth Slater (Sandra Bullock), who, after serving a sentence for a violent crime, is released from prison to re-enter a society that refuses to forgive her past. Facing severe judgment from the place she once called home, her only hope for redemption is finding the estranged younger sister she was forced to leave behind.

Seberg – 10th December

Kristen Stewart is magnetic in this thoughtful drama about politics, privacy and personal conviction.

Two – 10th December

Two strangers awaken to discover their abdomens have been sewn together, and are further shocked when they learn who’s behind their horrifying ordeal.

Back to the Outback – 10th December

They might look dangerous, but these wildly misunderstood creatures have hearts of gold — and they’re breaking out of captivity on a quest in this animated film featuring the voices of Isla Fisher, Eric Bana, Guy Pearce and Tim Minchin.

Anonymously Yours – 10th December

After an accidental text message turns into a digital friendship, Vale and Alex start crushing on each other without realizing they’ve met in real life.

Aranyak: Season 1 – 10th December

Political ploys, personal agendas and a beastly myth all surface as two mismatched hill station cops navigate a web of suspects after a puzzling murder.

Still Out of My League – 10th December

After breaking up with her dreamboat, Marta finds love with an artist. But life throws a few twists into the mix for the ailing woman and her friends.

The Hungry and the Hairy: Season 1 – 11th December

On the motorbike road trip of their dreams, buddies Rain and Ro Hong-chul relax and unwind as they delight in tasty eats and scenic locales around Korea.

Russell Howard: Lubricant – 14th December

The comic makes a delayed returned to the stage for a look at his life during an unexpected lockdown in this new two-part special.

The Hand of God – 15th December

Paolo Sorrentino’s latest tells the story of a boy, Fabietto Schisa, in the tumultuous Naples of the 1980s. The Hand of God is a story full of unexpected joys, such as the arrival of football legend Diego Maradona, and an equally unexpected tragedy. Fate plays its part, joy and tragedy intertwine, and Fabietto’s future is set in motion. Sorrentino returns to his hometown to tell his most personal story, a tale of fate and family, sports and cinema, love and loss

Selling Tampa: Season 1 – 15th December

This reality series from the Selling Sunset production company follows Tampa’s all-female, Black-owned Allure Realtyx.

A California Christmas: City Lights – 16th December

A year after their romance took root, Callie and Joseph are leaving the ranch for family business in San Francisco.

Puff: Wonder of the Reef – 16th December

A baby pufferfish travels through a wondrous microworld full of fantastical creatures as he searches for a home.

A Naija Christmas – 16th December

A mother’s Christmas wish — and the grand prize that comes with it — sets off a fierce competition between her sons.

The Witcher: Season 2 – 17th December

Based on the best-selling fantasy series of books, The Witcher is a tale of fate and family. It tells the story of the intertwined destinies of three individuals in the vast world of The Continent, where humans, elves, witchers, gnomes, and monsters battle to survive and thrive, and where good and evil is not easily identified.

Convinced Yennefer’s life was lost at the Battle of Sodden, Season 2 of The Witcher sees Geralt of Rivia brings Princess Cirilla to the safest place he knows, his childhood home of Kaer Morhen. While the Continent’s kings, elves, humans and demons strive for supremacy outside its walls, he must protect the girl from something far more dangerous: the mysterious power she possesses inside.

Grumpy Christmas – 21st December

A family trip to the beach turns crazy when Servando and Alicia, Alma’s willful aunt, start an over-the-top competition to control Christmas.

Emily in Paris: Season 2 – 22nd December

After landing her dream job in Paris, Chicago marketing exec Emily Cooper embraces her adventurous new life while juggling work, friends and romance.

Don’t Look Up – 24th December

Adam McKay’s comedy disaster movie based on real events follows Dr Randall Mindy (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Kate Dibiasky (Jennifer Lawrence), an astronomy grad student, who discover a comet orbiting within the solar system. The problem? It’s on a direct collision course with Earth. The other problem? No one really seems to care.

The Silent Sea: Season 1 – 24th December

During a perilous 24-hour mission on the moon, space explorers try to retrieve samples from an abandoned research facility steeped in classified secrets.

Jimmy Car: His Dark Material – 25th December

Jimmy Carr finds humour in the darkest of places in this stand-up special that features his dry, sardonic wit — and some jokes he calls “career enders”.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood – 25th December

Tom Hanks and Matthew Rhys are superb in this beautiful, heartfelt tale of kindness and compassion trumping cynicism.

Stories of a Generation with Pope Francis: Season 1 – 25th December

In candid and heartwarming stories, inspiring women and men over 70 share poignant life lessons and pivotal choices from their remarkable journeys.

The Lost Daughter – 31st December

The feature directorial debut of Maggie Gyllenhaal is adapted by her from the 2006 novel by Elena Ferrante. It follows a woman whose beach vacation takes a dark turn when she begins to confront the troubles of her past. The film stars Olivia Colman (The Favourite, The Crown), Jessie Buckley (I’m Thinking Of Ending Things), Dakota Johnson (A Bigger Splash, The High Note) and Peter Sarsgaard (Jackie).

Cobra Kai: Season 4 – 31st December

Season 3 of this Karate Kid sequel saw John Kreese drive up the tension between grown-up rivals Daniel La Russo and Johnny Lawrence. Now, another wave of toxic masculinity is on the cards, as the stakes rise and the All Valley Karate Tournament returns in Season 4.

Queer Eye: Season 6 – 31st December

What better way to see in the new year than with the feel-good sixth season of Netflix’s heartfelt reality show?

Stay Close: Season 1 – 31st December

Cush Jumbo, James Nesbitt, Richard Armitage star in this new thriller, which asks how much you really know someone. Four people each conceal dark secrets from those closest to them; Megan (Jumbo) a working mother of three, Ray (Armitage), a once-promising documentary photographer, Broome (Nesbitt) a detective unable to let go of a missing person’s cold case, and Lorraine (Sarah Parish), an old friend of Megan’s. As the past comes back to haunt them, threatening to ruin their lives and the lives of those around them, what will be their next move?

Other new releases coming soon to Netflix UK in December 2021

1st December The Hunger Games The Hunger Games: Catching Fire The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 The Cleanse The Whole Nine Yards Executive Decision Kayko & Kokosh: Season 1 Hellegat Mr Bean: The Animated Series: Season 3 Switch The End of the Journey JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Season 5

2nd December #ABTalks: Season 1 24 Hours in A&E: Season 14 Rain or Shine: Season 1

3rd December Shorta Burned Bridges Chronicle of Passion Barbie & Chelsea: The Lost Birthday Kilimanjanro: Going for Broke The Steal Sea of Lies Exploring The Snow: The Final Volume Reggae in a Babylon King George VI: The Man Behind the King’s Speech Women in Rock Villain Coming Out Colton: Season 1 Black Ice Princes of the Palace Meltdown: In the Shadow of Nepal’s Lost Glaciers

4th December True North

6th December One Beloved Summer: Episode 1 David and the Elves

9th December Shaman Kings: Season 2 Asakusa Kid 200 Meters

10th December Cradle of Fear The Enemies Between Two Women Candlelight in Algeia A Dozen Summers The Yukon Assignment The Raven on the Jetty Glow Up: Season 2 Cleft Lip Twentysomethings: Austin: Season 1 While Aya Was Sleeping The Dead Bruges Seagulls Die in the Harbour Blue Lips

11th December Bad Boys for Life

13th December One Beloved Summer: Episode 2

14th December Countdown Bonus Family: Season 4 StarBeam: Beaming in the New Year The Future Diary: Season 1, Episode 1 to 3

15th December Elite: Short Stories: Phillipe Caye Felipe Sparkle

16th December Aggretsuko: Season 4

17th December Battle of Dunkirk: From Disaster to Triumph Decoupled: Season 1 Fast & Furious Spy Racers: Season 6

18th December Body Cam The Grudge (2020)

19th December What Happened in Oslo: Season 1

20th December One Beloved Summer: Episode 3

23rd December Silent Hours British Rock

24th December Vicky and Her Mystery Daughter From Another Mother: Season 2 STAND BY ME Doraemon 2 A 1,000km de La Navidad

27th December One Beloved Summer: Episode 4

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