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What’s coming soon to Quibi in August 2020?

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This spring saw the surprise launch of Quibi in the UK. Short for “Quick Bites”, the streaming platform delivers programmes and films in short chunks of 5 to 10 minutes each, designed to be watched on mobile phones on the go. A month after its launch, though, the mobile-only platform announced plans to backtrack on its signature proposition and introduce the ability to cast content to TVs – a sign of how challenging an environment it is for a new streaming service to make any headway in a crowded landscape.

This month sees some of Quibi’s biggest hitters to date attempting to catch audience’s attention, as Kiefer Sutherland stars in a remake of The Fugitive and two SNL veterans produce new comedy mystery Mapleworth Murders.

Here’s what’s coming soon to Quibi in August – or see what was added to Quibi last month.

The Fugitive – 3rd August

Kiefer Sutherland (24) and Boyd Holbrook (Narcos) star in this edge-of-your-seat crime thriller from the creator of Most Dangerous Game and co-executive producer of Prison Break, in which an innocent man on the run, desperate to clear his name, is chased through Los Angeles by the cop who will not rest until he is captured. Episodes 1 to 3 arrive all at once, with new episodes arriving on weekdays. (14 episodes in total)

Sex Next Door – 3rd August

Sex workers Holiday, Endza, Cayenne, and Jessie give clients intimate experiences ranging from the pleasurable to the painful. In the process, they give a deep dive into their personal lives. Episodes 1 to 3 arrive all at once, with new episodes arriving on weekdays. (8 episodes in total)

About Face – 10th August

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley gets up close and personal with today’s biggest beauty icons including Kylie Jenner, Huda Kattan and more to hear their stories, inspirations, and learn what it takes to build a beauty empire. (6 episodes total)

Mapleworth Murders – 10th August

From the creative minds behind SNL and Late Night with Seth Meyers comes Mapleworth Murders, a hilarious whodunnit created by, written by and starring Paula Pell and John Lutz, and featuring a “who’s who” of guest suspects and victims. It all leads to a bigger question: why the hell are there so many murderers in one town? Episodes 1 to 3 arrive all at once, with new episodes arriving on weekdays. (12 episodes in total)

Nice One! – 24th August

A game show of jovial joking. Ron Funches hosts comedians as they compete to compliment some pretty bad subjects. If they don’t have something nice to say, they can GTFO. (8 episodes total)

Reno 911! Part 2 – 24th August

The US police mockumentary returns after being cancelled by Comedy Central back in 2009. Thomas Lennon, Robert Ben Garant and Kerri Kenney-Silver are all back for this revival, which effectively marks the show’s seventh season. Part 1 arrived in May.

This Joka with Will Smith – 31st August

Will Smith invites a diverse lineup of comics to explore the nature of comedy and its unique ability to bring people together. Watch stand-up sets, intimate interviews with Smith and the comics, and docu-style moments backstage and around Las Vegas. (16 episodes total)

Wireless – 31st August

with his quickly dying phone. Tye Sheridan stars in this thriller about a 21-year-old finds himself stranded off a snow covered Colorado road on New Years Eve armed.

Other episodes arriving on Quibi in August:

3rd August Don’t Look Deeper: Episode 8 Hello America: Episode 9

4th August Sex Next Door: Episode 4 The Fugitive: Episode 4 Don’t Look Deeper: Episode 9

5th August Sex Next Door: Episode 5 The Fugitive: Episode 5 Don’t Look Deeper: Episode 10

6th August Sex Next Door: Episode 6 The Fugitive: Episode 6 Don’t Look Deeper: Episode 11

7th August Sex Next Door: Episode 7 The Fugitive: Episode 7 Don’t Look Deeper: Episode 12 Hello America: Episode 10

10th August Sex Next Door: Episode 8 (Finale) The Fugitive: Episode 8 Don’t Look Deeper: Episode 13 Hello America: Episode 11

11th August The Fugitive: Episode 9 Mapleworth Murders: Episode 4 About Face: Episode 4 Don’t Look Deeper: Episode 14 (Finale)

12th August The Fugitive: Episode 10 Mapleworth Murders: Episode 5 About Face: Episode 5

13th August The Fugitive: Episode 11 Mapleworth Murders: Episode 6 About Face: Episode 6 (Finale)

14th August The Fugitive: Episode 12 Mapleworth Murders: Episode 7 Hello America: Episode 12

17th August The Fugitive: Episode 13 Mapleworth Murders: Episode 8 Hello America: Episode 13

18th August The Fugitive: Episode 14 (Finale) Mapleworth Murders: Episode 9

19th August Mapleworth Murders: Episode 10

20th August Mapleworth Murders: Episode 11

21st August Mapleworth Murders: Episode 12 (Finale) Hello America: Episode 14

24th August Hello America: Episode 15

25th August Nice One! Episode 4 Reno 911! Episode 14

26th August Nice One! Episode 5 Reno 911! Episode 15

27th August Nice One! Episode 6 Reno 911! Episode 16

28th August Nice One! Episode 7 Reno 911! Episode 17 Hello America: Episode 16

31st August Nice One! Episode 8 (Finale) Reno 911! Episode 18

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