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What’s coming soon to Shudder UK in August 2020?

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If going outside wasn’t nerve-wracking enough, AMC’s subscription service dedicated to horror is here to keep you hiding behind you sofa, with a month that boasts a number of originals – including Host, La Llorona and Random Acts of Violence – plus Beach House, Metamorphosis, Lake of Death and Impetigore – plus the exclusive acquisition of recent genre gem Vivarium.

Here’s what’s coming soon to Shudder UK in August 2020:

Host – 30th July

OK, so this isn’t an August release, but it was a surprise announcement just a couple of weeks ago, as Rob Savage directed this innovative lockdown thriller on the quiet. It follows six friends who hire a medium to hold a séance over Zoom, but get more than they bargained for. Shot remotely during quarantine, with practical scares, stunts and surprises, expect something surprising and spooky.

The Canal – 3rd August

Whilst sorting through film footage of a horrific 1900s murder case, an archivist discovers his family home was the scene of the gruesome crime. Initially dismissing the case as ancient history, he begins to question everything when the horrific crimes of the past bleed into reality. Starring Rupert Evans, Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Hannah Hoekstra.

The Curse of Frankenstein – 3rd August

Peter Cushing stars as Victor Frankenstein, a scientist determined to reanimate a deceased corpse as part of his experiments. Succeeding in giving life to his creation, things turn south when the monster doesn’t behave as intended. Reviled by critics on release, Hammer’s take on Mary Shelley’s classic spawned six sequels—all but one with Cushing—and has been cited by Tim Burton and Martin Scorcese as an influence on their work.

La Llorona – 6th August


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Indignant retired general Enrique finally faces trial for the genocidal massacre of thousands of Mayans decades ago. As a horde of angry protestors threatens to invade their opulent home, the women of the house—his haughty wife, conflicted daughter, and precocious granddaughter—weigh their responsibility to shield the erratic, senile Enrique against the devastating truths being publicly revealed and the increasing sense that a wrathful supernatural force is targeting them for his crimes. Meanwhile, much of the family’s domestic staff flees, leaving only loyal housekeeper Valeriana until a mysterious young Indigenous maid arrives.

Intruder – 10th August

The overnight crew of a supermarket find themselves pursued by a mysterious maniac in this fun late-80s slasher from regular Sam Raimi mainstay Scott Spiegel, who co wrote EVIL DEAD 2 and appeared in many of Raimi’s films. Starring: Elizabeth Cox, Renée Estevez, Dan Hicks, with Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi, Ted Raimi and screenwriter Lawrence Bender in supporting roles.

Street Trash – 10th August

In this gloriously oddball 1987 horror-comedy, the homeless turn into blue blobs of rotted mush after drinking tainted old booze sold by a craven liquor store owner. Then Bronson, the psychotic veteran who rules their shantytown, snaps and begins killing derelicts at random. As the bodies pile up, two brothers realize they must stop both the booze and Bronson from wiping out their closest friends. Filled with hilariously messy gore gags designed to offend everyone (including an outrageous same of keepaway), STREET TRASH is a must-see for fans of Frank Henenlotter, William Lustig and Troma.

Random Acts of Violence – 20th August


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Comic book creator Todd, his wife, assistant and best friend all embark upon a road trip from Toronto to New York Comic Con, and bad things start to happen: people start getting killed. Is a crazed fan using Todd’s “SLASHERMAN” comic as inspiration for his stylized slaughter? Starring: Jesse Williams (‘Grey’s Anatomy’), Jordana Brewster (Furious 7), Niamh Wilson (Saw series) and Jay Baruchel (This Is the End), with Baruchel also directing.

Perfect – 24th August

Produced and scored by Flying Lotus and executive-produced by Steven Soderbergh, PERFECT introduces Garrett Wareing as an emotionally-troubled young man. His mother sends him to a clinic, where modernist serenity whispers soothing promises of perfection. By planting plug-and-play enhancements directly into his own body, he is relieved of his dark, twisted visions, but his body pays the price for purity of mind. Starring: Garrett Wareing, Abbie Cornish, Courtney Eaton, Tao Okamoto

Vivarium – 27th August

On their search for the perfect home, Gemma and Tom visit a new house in a labyrinthine suburban neighbourhood. When they attempt to leave, each road mysteriously takes them back to where they started, leading them on a mind-bending trip, trapped in a surreal nightmare. Starring Jesse Eisenberg (Zombieland: Double Tap), Imogen Poots (Green Room), Jonathan Aris (Black Mirror: Bandersnatch). Directed by Lorcan Finnegan.

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