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What’s coming soon to Shudder UK in May 2019?

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Spring has sprung and summer is on the way, but for those who long for dark, spooky nights in won’t be disappointed by Shudder. AMC’s subscription VOD service has two originals this month, as well as the return of two long-running series and a smattering of modern splatterers.

Here’s what’s coming soon to Shudder UK in May 2019:

Eli Roth’s History of Horror: Uncut​ – 3rd May

​Eli Roth’s podcast – an extended audio companion to the television series ​AMC Visionaries: Eli Roth’s History of Horror – returns to offer never-before-heard, candid conversations between Roth and horror luminaries ​Stephen King​, ​Edgar Wright​, ​Quentin Tarantino​, ​Diablo Cody​,​ Bryan Fuller​, ​Tony Todd​, ​Catherine Hardwicke​, ​Victor LaValle​, ​Tippi Hedren​, ​Bruce Campbell​, ​Josh Hartnett​, ​Greg Nicotero​ and ​Rob Zombie. All episodes released at once.

The Transfiguration – 6th May

Troubled teen Milo (Eric Ruffin) hides behind his fascination with vampire lore. When he meets the equally alienated Sophie (Chloe Levine), the two form a bond that begins to challenge Milo’s dark obsession, blurring his fantasy into reality. Michael O’Shea’s 2017 horror was nominated for Prize of Un Certain Regard at Cannes.

The Ranger – 9th May

A group of punk teens on the run from the police head to the woods, only to be terrorized by one park ranger’s brand of psychotic justice in this Shudder original film. Jenn Wexler’s bold debut is a colorful, howling slasher rejuvenation, with a cast that includes Larry Fessenden and The OA’s Chloe Levine.

Exists – 13th May

Five friends travel to a remote cabin in the woods and plan to record their entire weekend – only to discover that they’re in Bigfoot’s backyard and not only does he exist, he’s also very hostile.

The Pact – 13th May

Following her mother’s death, recovering addict Annie reluctantly returns to the family home to care for her sister in this 2012 horror. The place holds many unpleasant memories from her childhood, but what greets her this time is far worse…

The Day – 20th May

10 years after the collapse of society, five survivors (Shawn Ashmore, Ashley Bell) of the apocalypse battle raging cannibals at an isolated farmhouse in this Canadian post-apocalyptic thriller.

We Are the Night – 20th May

Bitten by a vampire, a young woman (Karoline Herfurth) tries to leave her band of bloodsucking cohorts in this German genre flick.

The Night Shifter – 23rd May

Stênio works the graveyard shift at the morgue of a vast, violent city. He toils all night, but he’s never alone, for Stênio can talk to the dead – and they talk back. But when the whispers of the dead reveal secrets of his own life, Stênio unleashes a curse that brings forth danger and darkness. ​This Shudder original is directed by Dennison Ramalho and stars Daniel de Oliveira.

Stung – 27th May

Lance Henriksen and Clifton Collins Jr. star in this horror-comedy, which sees a swarm of giant mutant wasps attack a society garden party.

The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs – Dates TBC

Proving once again that “the drive-in will never die,” iconic horror host and exploitation movie aficionado Joe Bob Briggs is back with four more episodes of his Shudder Original series, hosting weekly Friday night double features streaming live exclusively on Shudder. Joe Bob has already taken on films ranging from ​C.H.U.D.​ to ​Wolfguy.​ What might he and Darcy the Mail Girl have in store for May? In the UK, rights issues mean we’ll only get around three of the eights films picked for May, but with Briggs’ commentary, you can at least be sure that what we do get will be entertaining.

A subscription to Shudder UK costs £4.99 a month, with a seven-day free trial available for new customers. For more on Shudder UK, including reviews, news and interviews, visit our dedicated Shudder channel.

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