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What’s coming soon to STARZPLAY in March 2021

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As one of the smaller streaming platforms in the UK, STARZPLAY struggles when it comes to having a large enough library to compete with Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. 2021 has seen it stand out through the exclusive release of Stephen King’s The Stand and the second season of Pennyworth. Now, March sees its latest exclusive arrive in the shape of The Attaché.

Here’s what’s coming soon to STARZPLAY in March 2021:

The Attaché – 14th March

The Attaché tells the story of Avshalom, an Israeli Jewish man of Moroccan descent, a successful musician who relocates to Paris for his wife Annabelle’s new job as the Attaché to the Israeli embassy in Paris. Becoming an anonymous immigrant in a foreign land soon takes on a new meaning as Avshalom arrives on the same day as the largest terror attack in French history. Their dream romantic year abroad quickly turns into a nightmare – a marital crisis in the eternal capital of romance, a personal immigration crisis in the heart of Europe, and a crisis of masculinity and fatherhood. New episodes arrive weekly.

Step Up: High Water: Season 1 and 2 – 28th March

Based on the hit dance film franchise, this drama focuses on several ambitious young dancers in a contemporary performing arts school in Atlanta. Produced and first released as a YouTube Original, with Channing Tatum among its exec-producers, it’s since been cancelled by the video giant and been picked up by STARZ.

Death Race – 10th March

Ex-con Jensen Ames is forced by the warden of a notorious prison to compete in a lethal car race where inmates must brutalise and kill one another on the road to victory.

The Expendables – 20th March

Sylvester Stallone stars as Barney Ross, leader of The Expendables, a tight-knit team of skilled combat vets turned mercenaries. Hired by a powerful covert operator, the team jets off to a small South American country to overthrow a ruthless dictator. Once there, they find themselves caught in a deadly web of deceit and betrayal. Using every weapon at their disposal, they set out to save the innocent and punish the guilty in this blistering action-packed thriller.

The Expendables 2 – 20th March

Barney (Sylvester Stallone) and his band of mercenaries race to stop five tons of weapons-grade plutonium from falling into the wrong hands in this all-star, action-packed sequel.

The Expendables 3 – 20th March

Barney and his gang of mercenaries are back in action along with some new teammates. This time the team are shocked to discover that a dangerous arms dealer they thought was dead is in fact very much alive – and out to get them.

Pennyworth: Season 2 – Weekly

A year after the explosive events of last season, England finds itself embroiled in a devastating civil war, with the powerful, neo-fascist Raven Union, led by Lord Harwood threatening to control the entire country. North London remains one of the few resistance holdouts remaining. It’s here in the West End Neutral Zone, that we find Alfred Pennyworth. After years in the British Army, his training with the SAS has taught him to be a cynical optimist – expecting the worst, but knowing that he can handle it. Now running The Delaney, a black-market Soho club that welcomes everyone, regardless of their politics, Alfred is now in search of a way out – before London, and his country, burns itself to the ground. And he’s got his eye on America. Episodes arrive weekly on Sundays.

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