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What’s coming soon to STARZPLAY UK in September 2020?

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As one of the smaller streaming platforms in the UK, STARZPLAY struggles when it comes to having a large enough library to compete with Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. It has to therefore focus on quality over quantity, and 2020 has been a promising proof of that strategy’s success, with Doom Patrol joined by Stephen King’s Castle Rock and Jimmi Simpson noir thriller Perpetual Grace Ltd.

September sees the next instalment in the Power Universe come home, as well as the Season 1 finale of P-Valley on Sunday 6th September. And with the 72nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards taking place this month, two of this year’s nominees are available to stream – including Ramy and The Great.

And finally, there’s a chance to catch the now-cancelled High Fidelity series.

Here’s what’s coming soon to STARZPLAY in September 2020:

Power Book II: Ghost – 6th September

Power Book II: Ghost picks up shortly after the earth-shattering events of Power and follows Tariq St. Patrick (Michael Rainey, Jr.) as he navigates his new life and his desire to shed his father’s legacy intertwines with the mounting pressure to save his family, including his mother Tasha (Naturi Naughton), who is facing charges for the murder her son committed. Not to mention the academic rigors of the Ivy League university Tariq is attending to earn his inheritance. Truly on his own for the first time in his life, Tariq is forced to split his time between school and hustling to pay for Davis MacLean (Clifford “Method Man” Smith), the fame-hungry defense lawyer who is Tasha’s only hope of getting out of jail and escaping prosecution by newly minted U.S. Attorney Cooper Saxe (Shane Johnson). With no better options, Tariq turns to the familiar drug game, entangling himself with a cutthroat family headed by Monet Stewart Tejada (Mary J. Blige), that’s been at it far longer than him. As Tariq tries to balance his drug operation with his grades, love life, and family, he figures out that the only way to avoid the same fate his father met is to become him — only better.

High Fidelity – 10th September

Zoë Kravitz (Big Little Lies) stars in this TV reimagining of the 2000 rom-com – which was based on the 1995 novel by Nick Hornby. She plays Rob, the ultimate music fan and record store owner who’s obsessed with pop culture and Top Five lists – a female take on the character played in the movie by John Cusack – talking straight to the camera as she chronicles past relationships. Cancelled by Hulu this summer, here’s your chance to catch up with the first season.

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