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What’s leaving Netflix UK in July / August 2019?

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Summer’s here, and there’s no better time to run and frolic outside, but before you do, make sure you won’t miss the departure of your favourite film or TV show from Netflix UK, as another month ends and rights expire. This July, that means bidding farewell to cute animated minions, sobering action from Edgar Wright, a brilliant BBC costume drama, an impressive anime and one of the UK’s funniest comedians.

This is your last chance to stream the following on Netflix UK:

Despicable Me 2 – 24th July

The Minions seize centre stage in this sequel to DreamWorks’ animated comedy, which sees Steve Carell’s Gru go undercover to catch another super-villain, but its adopted daughter Agnes who makes this as adorable as it is funny.

The World’s End – 24th July

Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright team up once again for the final entry in their Cornetto trilogy, as a bunch of old friends reunite for a pub crawl in their sleepy hometown, just as aliens invade.

Hard Eight – 26th July

Don’t miss the chance to see the very beginning of Paul Thomas Anderson’s career with his 1996 debut, Hard Eight, which sees a gambler show a stranger how to make a living in Las Vegas.

Little Dorrit – 31st July

Claire Foy and Matthew Macfadyen are on fine form in Andrew Davies’ slick, compelling BBC series based on the classic Dickens novel.

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic – 31st July

Set in a world of magic, genies (known as Djinn) and treasure-filled castles (known as Dungeons), Magi is an entertaining take on the lore of Arabian Nights.

Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle – 31st July

Stewart Lee’s smug tirades and educated, middle-class opinions are all designed to ruin stand-up comedy as we know it. For those who don’t like his intellectual concerns and patronising tone, he’s impossible to tolerate. For those who do, he makes it impossible to tolerate other comedians. That’s the brilliance of Stewart Lee’s stand-up: either way, everyone ends up miserable. His BBC series delivers exactly what you’d expect from the comedian, tackling everything from wealth and Graham Norton to racism and whether his own jokes count as entertainment or not.

Other titles leaving Netflix UK in July and August 2019:

22nd July 44 Pages Big Dreams, Small Spaces Hollywood Darlings Loins of Punjab Monty Don’s French Gardens Monty Don’s Italian Gardens

23rd July Embarazados

24th July Buddha Sutra The Great Escape (2016) Ithihas Ki Tali Se Kissa Currency Ka Maz Jobrani: Brown and Friendly Munroe Island Samagri, Sampatti Aur Sauda

25th July The Conjuring 2 Fifty Shades Darker

26th July April Fool’s Day The Burning Plain Chosen

It Started in Naples Pretty Baby The Tenant

27th July Assassin’s Creed

30th July Mr. Young

31st July American Genius Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce Campus Don’t Trust the B**** in Apartment 23 Elfen Lied World War II In Colour The Gods of Wheat Street Great Interior Design Challenge How Clean Is Your Crime Scene Man & Beast with Martin Clunes Precision: The Measure of All Things Small Animal Hospital Tenkai Knights Worst Cooks in America

8th August Consumed The Evolution of Us

13th August The Royals

14th August Metropolis (2015)

16th August Hey Qween! Look at Huh!

17th August Selling Houses with Sarah Beeney Yukon Gold

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