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Will Ferrell to star in Netflix’s Legend of Cocaine Island remake

Staff Writer

Staff Writer

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Will Ferrell will star in a new film based on the documentary The Legend of Cocaine Island.

The movie will be a scripted remake of the streaming giant’s own film, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival last year, before Netflix promptly pounced on it. The documentary tells the story of a small-business owner and family man, who comes across the legend of a buried stash of cocaine worth $2 million hidden in the Caribbean. Having been wiped out during the Great Recession, he hatches a plan to retrieve the buried loot, using the talents of a band of colourful misfits. But without prior drug-running experience, trouble (and laughter) ensues.

A map. Some treasure. A plan. Netflix clearly believes the strange-but-true tale has potential for a dramatic retelling, with Ferrell now attached to star in the remake. The scripted movie will be written by Peter Steinfeld, with Ferrell’s Gloria Sanchez Productions set to produce. Theo Love, director of the original documentary will exec-produce the dramatised take, alongside Bryan Storkel.

The project marks Ferrell’s third for Netflix. following the comedy Eurovision and the Zach Galifianakis outing Between Two Ferns.

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