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You vs. Wild: Netflix and Bear Grylls team up for interactive series

Updated 19-03-19 | 15:23 PM | Staff Reporter

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How do you follow Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch, Netflix’s first adult interactive dystopian thriller about technology, free will and paranoia? The streaming giant has come up with a surprising answer this week: Bear Grylls.

Netflix is teaming up with the survival expert for a new interactive series called You vs. Wild, which sees Grylls head off on expeditions around the world, with his actions dictated by the audience.

“Hey guys, it’s Bear Grylls here,” said Grylls in an interactive string of YouTube videos announcing the show.”I’m so glad you answered because I really need your help, I’m about to embark on one of my most epic adventures… Get packing, get ready, because every jungle, desert, mountain that I’m in, every decision is your decision. You dictate what I do.”

Another first-of-its-kind, the high-stakes series is another experimental step from Netflix that follows previously kid-oriented interactive offerings, including Buddy Thunderstruck: The Maybe Pile and Puss in Book, as well as an interactive Minecraft series.

If you were intrigued by these but wanted something more physical, like swimming a river or walking a mountain trail, Netflix is hoping You vs. Wild will be the interactive event for you, from crawling through things, riding things and setting fire to things, the survival series arrives on 10th April. Here’s the video:

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