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YouTube debuts new series from The School of Life

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YouTube Originals and The School of Life have teamed up to launch a new original series. Called The School of…, the series sees the YouTube philosophy channel for Alain de Botton’s The School of Life collaborate with YouTube creators to explore some of the greatest philosophical questions of our age – such as: “Is democracy dangerous?” and “Is greed good?”

In each episode, YouTube creators including Lady Leshurr, Jessica Kellgren-Fozard, The Martinez Twins, Luzu, Adam Saleh and more do practical explorations and real-life experiments to assess some of the questions that humanity has pondered throughout time. Narrated by Alain de Botton, the series works to make these important topics understandable and fun to watch.

Two episodes premiere today to mark World Mental Health Day, asking what the secret of happiness is and whether we can stop being anxious about being anxious.

Luke Hyams, the Head of YouTube Originals EMEA, says: “One thing that unites the YouTube community and people everywhere together is the desire to learn. YouTube is a place where people come to explore their interests and passions, but also a place to educate themselves. Working with Alain de Botton’s hugely successful philosophy channel on “The School Of…” has been a tremendous honour, and we are so pleased that for the first time, some of YouTube’s most diverse and compelling stars are exploring life’s most challenging philosophical questions. We hope this series encourages viewers to delve into these important topics and continue to engage with philosophical, well-being, and educational content on YouTube.”

Episode 3 – Will the Next Picasso Be a Robot? – will premiere on 10th October, Episode 4 – Is Democracy Dangerous? – on 15th October, Episode 5 – Is Greed Good? – on 17th October, and the final two episodes (Should I Marry Someone I Don’t Love? A Short Introduction to Philosophy) arriving on 22nd and 24th October.

Each episode is available to watch for free with adverts – or YouTube Premium subscribers can stream all eight episodes now.

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